Work Abroad without knowing English


Do you want to go to Australia, New Zealand or Canada for a season , but are you worried that your level of English is not good enough to find a job that will help you pay for your stay? Don’t not worry , don´t panic ! Today we are going to show you that working abroad without knowing English is not an unattainable utopia.

General advice

Although it is true that each country has its peculiarities, we believe that we can give you some general tips that will serve you regardless of which destination you choose:

  • Consider the value of your mother tongue . The fact that your mother tongue is for instance Greek and not another, already gives you a competitive advantage over other candidates for a job. Spanish is a language that is gaining more and more prominence around the world and you should not forget that it already brings a great added value to your curriculum. You can look for job offers that require knowledge of Spanish as an indispensable requirement.
  • Don’t get frustrated if you don’t get the job of your dreams. You will have to be open to experimenting with jobs you may have never imagined you were going to do. That is part of the adventure in which you have embarked and it will surely make you discover skills and abilities of yourself that you did not know. It is very likely that in the beginning you will get jobs in which the interaction with the client is null or limited. Do not worry, little by little. Rome was not done in one day!
  • Leave the shame at home and let yourself be seen. Both to improve English and to meet people from other cultures you will have to launch yourself and stop questioning yourself . If you want to look for life on the other side of the planet, shame is not a good travel companion. To look for work without knowing much English, the most effective is to travel the city leaving resumes everywhere. Surely they contact a person before they have seen that with a total unknown.
  • Keep a positive attitude and a smile on your face. If you are being considered for a job and the person who can potentially hire you sees that you have a predisposition, desire to learn and a positive attitude, you will have much earned. If you still can’t communicate as you want through English, maximize your resources by using body and gestural language. Remember that everyone smiles in the same language!
  • Make an effort to make local friends. We all know that inertia will lead you to make friends who speak Spanish and find themselves in circumstances similar to yours. We are like that, we have the urgent need to feel understood. But do not forget to meet local people, you can not miss the opportunity to interact with cultures different from yours. In addition, local people know the labor market in the country better and can always give you some advice or recommendation to get that job you are looking for.
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I work in Australia for Spanish speakers without English

We assume that if you have a low level of English and want to come to Australia, you will be interested in improving your English as soon as possible. Therefore, the best option to cross the puddle is through a student visa .

They will allow you to study and work in the country of kangaroos and you don’t have to demonstrate a great command of the language to obtain the visa. You can go to the English academy in the morning and work in the afternoon or vice versa.

To begin with your job search you will have to adapt your resume to the Australian model. It is an essential step that you must take before starting the search. We also recommend that a native review your resume to make sure there is no misspelling.

The most common is that if you want to get a quick job is that you choose to distribute resumes through all the establishments of the city to which you go.

If you want to do a more detailed search, we recommend websites such as Gumtree, Seek or Indeed . They are the most popular resources to look for work in Australia. You can filter the results by type of work and also by keywords such as “Spanish”, so that offers appear in which knowledge of Spanish is required.

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I work in Canada for Spanish speakers without English

In the case of the visa for Canada , the story changes a little. In this country, the government does not grant student visas for people who go to Canada to study language courses .

Only “study permits” with work permits are granted to students who take technical training provided by colleagues (known as Career Programs ) or studies taught at the University, which requires a high level of English and / or French.

In this case, the best option would be to go through a Work and Holiday Visa . If you want to go to Canada to study a language course and combine it with a job , with this visa you can do it without problems. Being a highly sought-after visa, there are a limited number of them and the nationalities that can apply for it are, for now, limited.

As far as the curriculum is concerned, the format is very similar to that of Australia or New Zealand . All Anglo-Saxon countries use a very similar design: they must be concise, visual and without a photo.

In Canada, some of the most popular websites are: Indeed Canada, Google for Jobs, Glassdoor, Eluta or CareerBuilder.


I work in New Zealand for Spanish speakers without English

A the same as in Australia, if you intend to study English and work in the meantime, the student visa is an interesting option. You can study and work at the same time for a minimum of 14 weeks and a maximum of four years. The level of English must not be justified and all nationalities can apply. With this visa you can work 20 hours a week during the course and those you want during your vacation.

The New Zealand curriculum format is practically identical to the Australian one . Easy!

Regarding the websites where to take a look we can recommend Seek, Indeed or newkiwis.

If you have already taken note of how you can find work abroad without knowing English and need more information about courses, where to start organizing the trip or what are the best cities to live, contact us and explore our website. Every week we publish a lot of information that will be useful to start planning your trip.

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