Traveling Abroad – Finding a Highly Paid Job Abroad in Ireland


If you are looking for a job in Ireland and live abroad, you are spoiled for choice. The level of employment is practically unprecedented and there is always room on the labour market for foreign nationals. Although there may be restrictions on people who do not live in a European Economic Area (EEA) country, there are still opportunities that can be exploited.

Can you find a job in Ireland from abroad?
The quick answer is yes, but different circumstances and criteria are depending on the situation. EEA and Swiss nationals can work in Ireland whenever they wish. There are no restrictions as to the type of work they do, how much they earn or how long they stay.

The process of finding a job in Ireland, if you are in one of these countries, will be to look at job sites and sites and see if your current employer has an office in Ireland. You can also use recruitment agencies.

For those who are not citizens of an EEA country, it is necessary to obtain authorization to work in Ireland. Certain types of jobs are offered and there is a minimum wage that you must meet to obtain an authorization. Once these criteria are met, you can apply. If you get a vacancy, you can see if the work permit application process can be started.

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Where to look for a job in Ireland?
The most effective way to find a job in Ireland is to try some of the most popular job sites such as Indeed.com, Jobs.ie, etc. You can also get in touch with some of the main recruitment agencies such as Hays Recruitment, McKinsey, etc. If you currently work for a multinational, please ask if they have a position for you in their Irish office.

The application process in Ireland
When looking for a job in Ireland, you need to have an up-to-date CV or CV. This information should be properly formatted and include essential information such as your full name, contact information, work history, qualifications and some of your relevant interests. Some people will adapt their approach to each job by writing a unique cover letter accompanying their CV.

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