Travel Guide to Boston: Things to Know About Moving to Boston as a Tourists


The day of the move is approaching! With boxes all over your living room not knowing where a spoon is filling, commuting can be frustrating. Boston – here you go. But before leaving, you will need some facts about your new home. Here are the top five things you should know when moving to Beantown.

Boston is a big city

While the word “beefy” is not the only term to describe Beantown, it is one of them. Regarding city limits, the city is not this big. However, in Greater Boston, there are about 6.4 million people. It does not stop there. The city has a quarter of a million students, and it has acquired the name “Athens of the United States.” But “big” does not always mean that the city has terrible travel times. Make sure to pack your comfortable shoes because one of their nicknames is “The Walking City.”

Boston is a noisy city.

All of these 6.4 million people go – most of them to the city centre. There are many good reasons for moving to Boston, such as their growing financial industry, fantastic educational facilities and a thriving medical research project. They have the highest percentage of jobs per square mile in the country. The city is also a stone’s throw from New York, another significant capital. When you think about the number of tourists who make Boston their vacation destination every year, the population of more than 6 million people is pale in comparison. Boston welcomes (are you ready for this?) Over eighteen million tourists each year.

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Boston is an expensive city.

Save your money because Boston has one of the highest costs of living in the country. An average bowl of clam soup will chew $ 4.40. In Boston, a modest two-bedroom apartment will cost around $ 1,300 or more. There is no problem; Boston has an average salary equivalent to exorbitant prices. The average family earns over $ 77,000 annually. Enjoy clam soup.

Boston is a paradise for tenants.

“Rent” is the name of the game when moving to Boston. If their current home has a reasonable flight time to the city centre, you might think they have had trouble finding a resident. In Boston, 70% of the housing is rented.

Boston is so much fun.

Simply put, Boston is a heavenly city for Americans who enjoy a hectic life, love to have entertainment options on demand and want the opportunity to relax or entertain when necessary. Moving to Boston is not an experience with cold concrete, steel, and glass. Boston, which is home to the first American public park (circa 1640), still has gardens, green spaces, and opportunities to escape, even with its vibrant and vibrant activity. Boston is consistently ranked first in the housing rankings, and there are good reasons for the return of 18 million job seekers to the “axis of the universe”. Boston is filled with sites to see, history to discover, and the American heritage you can appreciate. Boston is rich in culture, sports and history. You will enjoy moving to Boston from reruns of Boston’s tea parties to visiting Big Dig.

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