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Toronto Travel Guide – History of a great city in a few short points


By its population, its events, its economy, and its urbanization, Toronto can be considered safe as one of the cities of the world to visit. To learn more about how things happen, read the rest of this article and learn about the history of this wonderful urban area.


In the case of Toronto, it is difficult to describe the ancient culture that lived in this region. From what we know, permanent settlements did not exist and various tribes, including the Mohawks, had different uses for this area and often set up summer camps. The name Toronto probably comes from the word that hawk, which means “a place where trees stand in the water”.


The French explorer Etienne Brule is the first European to be recognized as standing on the shores of Lake Ontario. The Toronto crossing quickly became a vital crossroads for the fur trade. This fact later led to a major struggle between Britain and France when they tried to dominate.

John Graves Simcoe

This person is known as the Toronto godfather, originally called York. According to him, the colony functioned more like a guard post at the American border. Soon it became the capital of Upper Canada and the need for roads primarily dedicated to rapid military communication led to the construction of three main roads – Young Street, Kingston Road and Dundas. Yonge Street remains the highest street in the world, extending 1,896 km to Rainy River.

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American raids on York

York was attacked twice during the War of 1812. It was partially burned in 1813 when Pike Zebulon attacked it with its forces. The British soldiers were outnumbered and decided to retreat, but they stopped attacking by setting fire to all the shops in the castle and detonating them. This happened when the Americans entered the building, killing Zebulun and many of his men during the fighting. After the departure of the American armed forces, they were rebuilt more powerfully and the attackers did not even have the opportunity to reach the shore the next time they tried.

The great Irish famine

The mid-nineteenth century saw a large number of Irish, Catholic, and Protestant immigrants. The latter group was more successful and quickly began to play a major role in key positions in politics, education, and business.

First trains and transport

1853 was the year when the first trains withdrew from Toronto on long route north to Bari on Lake Simcoe. Ultimately, Toronto became a major rail hub for western Canada, further strengthening the city’s importance. At that time, Toronto was already home to high-end neighborhoods, a water drainage system, water pipes, street gas lights, and a booming economy.


British industrial progress and the FTA with the United States have led to significant developments in Canada, including Toronto. Coal-fired steam energy has been used to produce a wide range of products, which have been shipped by train and water, as the latter transformed the city’s port into a dirty and exotic industrial area.

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