Top 10 Tips To Earn While Studying In London


While studying in London, a student may have a hard time financing his living expenses. What will come to his rescue then is his perseverance and the ability to work part-time? Since the UK student visa allows a student to work 20 hours a week during the semester and full time during the holidays, one can easily earn his monthly living expenses in London.

But what exactly are the ways to make money while studying in London? After all, London is the vibrant capital of England. It is certainly not difficult to find work here. But finding the right opportunities requires some guidance and advice on your part.

Here are the 10 best ways to earn while studying in London

• Join a call centre. The timing is flexible and the reward is good. You can earn very smart with the help of a call centre job and it will not interfere with your study planning either.

• Work in a bar, pub or restaurant after school. With a rate of £ 7 – £ 8 an hour during weekdays and long shifts on weekends, this job will prove to be quite fruitful for an international student in London.

• Do weekend shifts in shopping centres or other popular meeting places. They pay you more on the weekends and it doesn’t clash with the timing of your classes at all!

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• London, as everyone knows, is known as the world’s financial capital and offers great opportunities for budding people. Small business owners and online organizations are looking for children who are willing to conduct online market research for them. This is a pretty good way to earn at home.

• Become a subject or case study for psychological tests. It’s quite simple, you don’t have to do anything special. Just take some tests and quizzes and get paid!

• Be sponsored by companies that offer various free coupons, gifts, etc. for the promotion of their products to students.

• Find a job at your own university! This way you would only stay on your campus and develop a good repo with the faculty.

• Universities often need students for administrative work, organizing tours, organizing events, etc. They can participate in and earn their pocket money.

• There is also another option: join the student association and work for them. Although it would not be for the university side, it is part of your campus and this organization will also give you quite a bit of attention and money!

• Sign up for employment agencies or ask for the help of Job Shop, which is present at virtually all major UK universities on behalf of the National Association of Student Employment Service

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These ways to make money in London are sure to enrich your experience while studying in London!

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