Ten Historical Places to Visit in Cambodia


The Kingdom of Cambodia is one of the countries of Southeast Asia. Cambodia depends only on the production and industry of textiles and clothing and tourism to meet the needs of the country. In terms of tourism, everyone wants to visit the historic sites of Cambodia, and here are a few.
1.) Angkor Archaeological Park
It is the location of the famous Khmer civilization, a civilization so modern in its time that it still amazes its current visitors. Here you can visit the temple of Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom as well as the temple of Bayon. The best way to see all that Angkor has to offer is to take one of their tours, as they are more comprehensive than visiting them yourself.
2.) Bokor National Park
This national park is the site of a former dilapidated French mountain resort. It is rich in history because many Khmers lost their lives by creating this magnificent old building. But apart from that, you can also see a large number of flora and fauna in the national park.
3.) Kampong Cham
It is the third-largest city in Cambodia and is also a popular tourist destination, but not as popular as Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. You can also see many beautiful places here, such as the Nokor Wat and the bamboo bridge that links Koh Paen to the Mekong. This city is also rich in French influences.
4.) Kompong Luong
This floating city is a must if your destination is Cambodia. It is a floating village of TonlÈ Sap where you can experience Cambodian culture firsthand. It is a pleasure for any foreigner to see schools, houses and restaurants floating on the TonlÈ Sap lake.
5.) Phnom Penh
Recognized as the largest city in Cambodia, it is also the capital of Cambodia. There are many things you can do here, such as a visit to Sisowath Bay, where you can enjoy the near-carnival atmosphere. Here is also the Royal Palace and the National Museum.
6.) Banlung
Here in Banlung, you will certainly enjoy a visit to the volcanic lake of Yeak Laom, where you can picnic and swim in the lake. Virachey National Park is also located here, where you can visit Wat Rahtanharahm, where you can find the famous reclining Buddha. There are also many beautiful waterfalls that you can visit here, such as Cha Ong and Kan Chang.
7.) Battambang
These are the must-see places in Battambang. You have to visit Wat Banan or what they call little Angkor Wat, and you have to go to Wat Baydamram or the bat temple where you can see hundreds of fruit bats. Wat Ek Phnom is also a must in this area.
8.) Kep holiday village
This is a favourite beach destination in Cambodia. Here you can soak up the Cambodian sun while dining on platforms and eating fresh seafood, and it’s a great place to relax and soak up the sun and sea. A visit to Rabbit Island is also a must, as you will certainly appreciate the white sandy beaches.
9.) Koh Kong
Koh Kong is more for nature lovers as you are sure to enjoy a majestic view of the mountains, waterfalls and jungles. You can also visit their local zoo and casino here if you want a more modern touch. Boat trips are popular here when you visit the islands and mangroves.
10.) Siem Reap
It is another favourite tourist spot in Cambodia. What you can see here is the museum of anti-personnel mines, which is dedicated to educating and educating locals and visitors about the dangers of landmines. You will also find a floating village called Kampong Phluck here.

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