Study in Singapore – a new destination for education abroad


Home to the best educational institutions in the region, Singapore offers world-class courses focused on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. While the Singapore government has yet to release figures on the country, overseas education consultants say the number of Indian students choosing this country has increased by almost 20% per year since 2009.
Singapore is one of the top ten educational destinations in the world. According to many foreign education advisers, the country seems to be a favourite place for Indian students for the following reasons:

Center of Excellence for Education:
The country’s education program proudly has a competitive, international primary and secondary education system that encourages young minds to analyze. In an inspiring and stimulating educational environment, Singapore offers high-quality education and research. More than 16 major universities abroad have established centres of excellence in teaching and research in Singapore. Private educational organizations have also gained their encouragement as quality education centres. To secure a place in these prestigious educational institutions, foreign students must prove their effectiveness in English, making IELTS courses a must for non-English speakers.

Quality education at an affordable price:
Compared to other developed countries, tuition fees are affordable and the cost of living in Singapore is still significantly lower. With the tradition of meritocracy in Singapore, talented students who need financial help can find the help they need in the form of scholarships, grants and student loans. Getting financial support is much easier in Singapore than in other countries. Licensed visa officers can provide appropriate advice for obtaining a scholarship for eligible students.

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Proximity and familiar culture:
Study visa consultants believe that international students are more likely to choose study destinations in the immediate geographic vicinity of their home country. Since the founding of modern Singapore by the British in 1819, the massive migration of Indians to Singapore for work has meant that Singapore has one of the largest Indian populations overseas. This is one of the main reasons why student visa applications in Singapore are in full swing.

Job prospects after graduation:
Once a student has completed their studies in Singapore, they must obtain a Singapore work permit or a local employer pass, which allows them to work with the employer until the student leaves pass work is valid and after that, the same student can apply for permanent residence. Students who need practical training in organizations in Singapore as part of their study program also receive a work permit, which can lead to a work pass and permanent residence. For example, a student can start immediately after completing the study.

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