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Reasons for Canada to Allow Immigrants


Two to three decades ago, emigrants from India were a rarity. It was slightly more popular a decade ago, yet only about 15-20% of the Indian population had a family member outside the country. Now almost 40-50% of Indians have some relatives outside the country. Today it is very common to hear about someone’s husband, aunt, uncle, parents, children, cousins ​​or cousins ​​who live from India.

Whether it’s a better wage for their hard work or a better way of life or just enjoying the work and life culture of a distant country – there are several reasons people choose to emigrate from India. But what could be the reasons for the countries that allow so many immigrants?

Reasons for countries to allow immigrants

There can be several reasons why a country allows – and even encourages to a certain extent – immigration. However, there are three main reasons for this, namely:

Shortage of skilled professionals: In an ideal world, each country has qualified personnel for every field in their country. However, in reality, this is not the case. Every country has a labour shortage in some sector and sometimes there are professions that a select group of people can perform better than others. This is one of the main reasons for any country to accept immigrants.

Cost-effective: Usually the countries that choose immigrants are the 1st World countries. Hiring skilled workers or professionals from outside, especially from Third World countries, is much more cost-effective for these countries than employing residents. Most major companies and industries prefer to transfer their employees from other locations in India, China, etc. A lot of money is used to hire and train new employees in this way.

Growth in Economy: Since immigration is a two-way street for both the applicant and the nation, each country opts for immigrants who belong to the skill area they are short of – mainly skilled professionals. These professionals, in turn, not only help the company they work for but also contribute very well to the growth of the economy of their adopted country.

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However, there is another fact that is quickly emerging as the main reason for countries to take in immigrants, and that is the ageing population’.

If we take the example of Canada, recent data from Statistics Canada shows:

With the baby boomer generation front end reaching 65 in 2011, Canada’s population is ageing;

Canadian society is urbanizing as more people live in medium and large cities;

Single-person households are more, due to high divorce rates and longer life spans; and

As immigration continues to shape Canada’s demographic profile, the population and workforce are becoming increasingly multi-ethnic.

The survey states that all of the aforementioned trends are evident at the national level in B.C (British Columbia). The median age of British Columbians was 41.9 years in 2011. The median age has risen steadily over four decades. Twenty years ago it was 34.7 and in 1971 the typical B.C. resident was a youthful 28. Nearly 700,000 were 65 and older than the county’s 4.4 million residents in 2011.

An important demographic development to be mentioned is immigration and the role it plays in reforming the population. Measured against the size of the existing population, Canada tops the list of the number of immigrants admitted worldwide. Canada welcomes 240,000 to 260,000 permanent newcomers in an average year, not including the influx of students and foreign temporary workers. According to the 2011 census, immigrants make up 26% of the population of British Columbia; the share is much higher in the lower mainland – 41%.

The above statistics clearly show that immigrants are the average engine of Canada’s economic growth, as the average Canadian is rapidly reaching retirement age. This is the rapidly emerging factor as one of the main reasons why Canada or another country opts for skilled professional immigrants.

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