Jobs Tips – Interview Questions That Reveal The Necessary Facts About Potential Employees


1. How did you find out about your last job?

When asked, this type of interview question is intended to provide the recruiter with information on the method used by the job seeker to obtain the last job. If through networks, this will reveal the added value of the candidate for the new job. If the potential employee’s intellectual capacity is revealed by a vacant position.

2. What did you like about your last job before you started?

The interview question is intended to show the recruiter what attracted him to the last job and thus deduces from the answer the reason why you want to work for the employer.

3. Why did you leave or want to leave your last job?

The purpose of this specific question is to identify the reason for your decision to leave a former employer. The idea is to know if the reason stems from a disagreement with the last employer or pecuniary. A smart candidate has to figure out how to answer this question. The decision to leave an employer should be to promote your career and get a job that will help you reach the goal, so the answer should be aligned on this line. Any answer other than this can affect your success during the interview.

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4. Indicate the relevant skills/experience that you qualify for this position?

This is another job interview question that will reveal the fact of a potential employee. He wants to provoke how you make a match with the position offered. Before applying for a certain experienced job seeker job, you must have different experiences and skills that you can share with the interviewer. You must share all of this with the interviewer. If you have management skills, you should share them. If you have computer skills, you should share them. Likewise, you share every experience you have in connection with the job offer.

5. Do you work well as a team?

It is also an interview question that offers the job seeker the opportunity to market themselves during an interview. By answering this question, you have the option of telling the interviewer that you are a team player and what role you have played in the teams in which you have worked. It also gives you the chance to prove that you are a leader and shows how you have demonstrated your leadership qualities.

6. Do you prefer to be loved by or feared by your subordinates?

This interview question aims to reveal the leadership qualities of a potential employee to the personnel manager. If you say you prefer, it will involve a kind of laid-back attitude in the workplace and therefore make it difficult to do the work because you don’t want to offend anyone. There will be a lot of eye care. The best answer is to say that you are more respected by your subordinates than loved or feared. That way, you get things done quickly.

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