Job offer, Top 5 countries with the highest salaries for accountants


While accounting is not the most exciting career option in the world, there is no doubt that it is one of the most profitable options. If you have a sense of numbers and value the companyís lifestyle, what is missing in adventure accounting is more than hardness and employment. But where is the big problem? Where do you pursue your dream career? Do you live at home or move abroad? And if so, where?
1. The United States
Average salary: $ 54,680 (£ 41,720) Major Accounting Standard: American GAAP (International Financial Reporting Standards approved for foreign companies listed) If you already live in the United States, you will likely not need to look anywhere else. Certified chartered accountants, known in the United States as Certified Public Accountants (CPA), are among the highest in the world. It is also a highly sought-after profession, as accounting roles are expected to grow “above average”, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

2- Iceland
Average salary: $ 55,260 (£ 42,170) Key Accounting Standard: IFRS As one of the highest-paid countries in the world, Iceland is a great place to start your accounting career – provided of course, so you can Managing a tough winter and feeling good. Despite its small size and remote location, all major accounting players have offices there, in addition to local practices in place throughout the island. As in most international accounting firms, you must be able to manage in the English language, despite practice as a chartered accountant, you must become a member of the national regulatory body, FÈlag Lˆggiltra Endurskodenda (FLE).

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3- Japan
Average salary: $ 56,870 (£ 43,400) Main Accounting Standard: International Financial Reporting Standards, JMIS, US GAAP, Japanese GAAP With a reputation for a strong business-oriented culture, it is not surprising that Japan appears in this list; The financial and professional services sector is the main driver of the country’s economy. If you are moving to Japan as a foreigner, your English skills will be much needed, although you will also need to have a good working knowledge of Japanese. To register as a certified practitioner at the Japan Institute of Certified Public Accountants (JICPA), you will need to pass several tests, all in the host language.

4. Japan
Average salary: $ 56,910 (£ 43,420) Main Accounting Standard: IFRS As one of the most stable countries in Central Europe, Austria is the preferred destination for accountants. Due to its location and proximity to major financial clients in Switzerland and Germany, this is also smart career development. You will likely need to have a good working knowledge of the German language before travelling, while you will also need to be a member of the ÷sterreichischer Wirtschaftspr¸fer Institute to practice CPA.

5. Luxembourg
Average salary: $ 56,940 (£ 43,450) Main Accounting Standard: IFRS Given the lucrative nature of the financial sector in Luxembourg, it may be surprising that the Duchy is very low on this list. Accountants can still do well for themselves, however, the country hosts many EU institutions along with many bank customers. Certified chartered accountants from elsewhere in the European Economic Area (including Switzerland) are authorized to practice the profession in Luxembourg, although practitioners and business owners must inform the government. Any knowledge of French, German or Dutch is a bonus.

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