Job Choice in Washington DC: Best Place to Discover HR Jobs


Are you looking for an HR job in Washington DC? It has been the capital of the United States since July 16, 1790. Washington DC refers to the District of Columbia as its official name. It is one of the best centres for different types of work such as law, politics and various companies.

If you are looking for an HR job in Washington DC, you will not be disappointed. At the same time, it would be in our best interest to know more about the country if we wanted to get the best HR jobs here.


The diversified developing economy with increasing commercial and professional service jobs is what we envision if we want to examine the financial portfolio of this city. In 2008, the region’s gross domestic product was approximately $ 97.2 billion. This is the state ranked in 35 of the 50 states in the United States. One of the reasons why this region is an excellent place to look for a job is because the federal government accounts for about 27% of all posts.

This allows this region to operate independently even if the entire nation is drowned in a recession. The proximity of the federal government also led to the presence of many other companies such as law firms, nonprofits, independent contractors (civil and defence), professional societies, and professional industry groups. And unions and pressure companies. These companies find it profitable to stay close to the federal government.

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If we look at the statistics for January 2010, it will be apparent that the Washington DC area has one of the lowest unemployment rates, reaching 6.9% among the 49 largest urban areas in the country. Consequently, HR functions in Washington, DC, are not only concentrated in the public sector, but you can also work in emerging areas of scientific research, public policy, finance, and education.

The five largest non-governmental employers in the region are Fannie Mae, Howard University, the Washington Hospital Center, Georgetown University, and George Washington University. The HR business in Washington, DC, is one of the most prestigious jobs given the five companies from the Fortune 1000 list. Of these companies, two are also in the Fortune 500 list.

There are many HR jobs in Washington, DC that will catch your attention if you are looking for a career in this field. You can work as a consultant or HR analyst. If you have more experience and want a better salary, you can also join as a Human Resources Manager in one of the many companies here.

Employment jobs are public jobs. If you have some experience and qualifications in this field, you can also start as a senior HR analyst at work. There are also a lot of jobs looking for an HR specialist in Washington, DC. If you are looking for a senior HR specialist, Washington DC, is an excellent place to start your research.

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