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How to get a visa to the USA yourself


Obtaining a visa to enter the United States yourself is not difficult if you approach the matter with all responsibility.

Getting a visa takes place in four stages:

  • Payment of consular fee;
  • Filling in the questionnaire;
  • Formation of a package of documents;
  • Passing an interview.

How and where to fill out a US visa application form: step-by-step instructions

A visa application form for the USA is filled out on the official website of the consulate . For many applicants, filling out the DS-160 questionnaire is the most problematic moment. If the slightest discrepancy is found in the questionnaire and the attached certificates, the examiner will issue a visa denial.

Of course, in this case you can appeal, but the process will have to start again, which will take more time. In addition, you will again have to pay a consular fee, which, accordingly, will double the cost of your visa. To prevent this from happening, you must carefully fill in all the fields. Do not forget that if you are away from the computer for more than 20 minutes, then your session will automatically end and all unsaved data will be lost, therefore it is better to save after each step.

Further, the applicant receives his individual number, which is automatically sent to him at the electronic mail box specified during registration in the form of a letter.

The site redirects you to the desired page of the electronic application form, where you need to upload your photo and fill in the following cells:

  • Data of domestic and foreign passport;
  • Information about the place of study and work (present and past);
  • Data on military service;
  • Information about trips to foreign countries over the past 5 years;
  • What US cities do you plan to visit?
  • Name and date of birth of parents and spouse.

Next, you will be sent a ten-digit code. The completed questionnaire needs to be printed: make sure that the print quality is good and the ink is not smeared. The barcode from the questionnaire will be read by a special device in the future.

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Important! If you plan a family trip, after filling out the form, click on the “Fill in one more” button. The program will be able to copy some data in the general fields from the first questionnaire, and connect the requests among themselves. After collective filling, all relatives are invited to the consulate at the same time for a general interview.

U.S. Visa Photo Requirements An American visa must be photographed on the eve of the application, in order to avoid unnecessary questions from the consulate.

Characteristics of a photo on a US visa:

  • Size – 5 × 5 cm;
  • White background;
  • Color image;
  • The head fits completely, its height takes 2.5 – 3.5 cm (50-69% of the total image area);
  • The eyes are open, the expression on the face is neutral;
  • The face should be fully opened (remove long curls, bangs covering the eyebrows, etc.);
  • If you constantly wear glasses for health reasons, you can take pictures of them. But glasses should be completely transparent, not to give glare and not to cover the face.

Important! It is allowed to take pictures in religious hats, however, ordinary hats, headphones, scarves and the like should not be present in the photo.

What documents will be required to apply for a visa to the USA

This item is one of the most mysterious, because there is no approved list of necessary references. But after analyzing the statistics on obtaining a visa to the States, we will see that the more documents for a consulate, the better. Inquiries should confirm your stable income level. As well as attachment to Russia, to prove to the consulate employees that you are arriving in their country only with a tourist visit.

The list of basic documents that must be provided:

  • Valid at the time of the end of the travel passport with at least one blank page;
  • The original or a copy of the old passport (if any), where there are visas of the Schengen countries, the USA, Great Britain, Canada for five years;
  • Printed and electronic photographs taken in accordance with the requirements of the American Consulate in Moscow;
  • A completed application form DS-160 (how to fill out described above). This questionnaire should be printed in good quality so that you can read the information encrypted in an individual barcode;
  • For men aged 16 to 45 years, an application in the form of DS-157;
  • Receipt of payment of the administrative fee;
  • Documentary evidence of a tourist that at the end of his stay he will return to Russia (the presence in Russia of work, close relatives, real estate).
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Now it should be shown that at home you are a family person, in Russia you have personal and business ties, this requires:

  • Certificate of employment indicating salary and documentary evidence of any permanent income within the Russian Federation. You can also attach a certificate of work of the spouse (spouse) or parents;
  • Information on the availability of real estate, land;
  • Pensioners and unemployed provide an application from relatives who will sponsor the trip, as well as a certificate from their place of work indicating income and copies of documents confirming kinship;
  • Information about the closest relatives in Russia (wife, husband, children);
  • For students – a certificate from the university;
  • For individual entrepreneurs, a copy of certificates of registration and registration with the tax service;
  • Persons who have previously visited America provide a copy of a passport with an old visa, stamps indicating the date of entry and exit from the United States;
  • Minors attach a copy of the birth certificate.

How long does a visa issue take

As a rule, the visa processing period is 1-3 days and at times more

Validity of a visa in the USA

A multiple entry visa to the United States is issued for a period of one to 3 years. The first time permission to enter is given only for one year, but if the interview was successful, you can ask to apply immediately for a longer period. However, in this case you will have to pay a consular fee.

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