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How to Apply for a Multi-Visa to Europe


There are two ways to apply for multi-visa to Europe:

  • Contact the visa center;
  • Independently.

In the case of self-registration of the Schengen multi visa should be careful about the choice of state. It’s worth contacting the consulate of the country where you plan to spend more time. Along with the number of days, the number of entries is also considered.

Suppose you like Italy, then go to its consulate. Please note that you will have to spend most of the allowed time in this country, and the maximum number of entries should be in the Italian cities. When closing a visa, customs officers can calculate the number of days and entries. If you went to Paris more often than to Italy, questions will arise.

Your visa will be canceled, you will be blacklisted, and entry into the Schengen area will be closed forever. Making a Schengen multi visa is practically no different from obtaining a one-time permit. You will need to contact the consulate of the selected country and submit a package of documents.

Easiest Countries to issue a Schengen Multi Visa

The easiest way to get a Schengen multi visa at the consulates of Greece and Italy. It is here that the most loyal demands are made. The hardest thing is to get a multi visa from Austria, Portugal, Lithuania, Norway.

In the Czech Republic, it will be required to present at least one already received permission to enter. In Poland, two. Finland is pleased to issue visas to residents of St. Petersburg and neighboring regions. But the remaining residents of Russia will have more difficult.

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Experienced tourists are easiest to contact the consulates of those countries where they have already been. And for those who are going to Europe for the first time and want to receive the coveted sticker, it is best to go to the embassy:

  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Slovakia
  • Greece
  • Finland.

It is here that the probability of obtaining a Schengen multi visa by a beginner is maximum. But this does not mean that you cannot try your luck in other countries of the Schengen agreement.

Documents that are needed to apply for a Schengen Multi visa

Each country has its own requirements for the documents that are needed to apply for a Schengen multi visa. For this reason, information should be clarified on the website of the consulate where the request will be sent. There are many nuances – from the size of the photo to the requirements for a foreign passport.

In general, the lists of documents are similar. You will need:

  • International passport. Moreover, its validity should expire three months later than the visa. For example, you want to get a five-year multi visa, which means that 5 years and 3 months should remain until the end of the validity of the passport.
  • Copies of a civil passport, which is an identity card. You will need to attach a page not only with personal information, but also with registration, and with marital status.
  • Information on previously obtained visas. In some cases, you will need an old passport. It acts as evidence of border crossings with Schengen countries. Its presence is necessary only in those cases if you changed it earlier.
  • Three standard full-face photos. Each country has its own photo requirements. In general, their size should be 3 × 4 and the applicant’s head should occupy 70% of the image.
  • Certificate of employment.
  • Original and copy of work book.
  • Certificate of solvency. Usually this is a bank statement, which contains a sum of money equal to 60 euros for each day of stay in Europe. Please note that in different countries the size of the “wallet” varies. 60 euros is an average figure.
  • Confirmation of return to the homeland. The more information you provide, the better. According to the consulates, you can be held here by real estate, cars, family ties, work, etc.
  • Flights you can book on our website. They must be framed in both directions.
  • The reservation of the hotel or apartment in which you plan to stay.
  • Application for a multi visa to Europe.
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The application for a Schengen multi visa should be treated with special care. The more complete and truthful the information is presented, the higher the likelihood of obtaining permission. Important! The specified list of documents is not complete. Each state has its own requirements, so it is necessary to clarify all the necessary information on the website of the consulate.

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