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How much does it cost to Live in Canada


Probably if you are thinking of moving to live in Canada for a while, a recurring question that would come to our minds is how much does food cost in Canada? And what other expenses will I have? Today we explain it to you in detail!

Whenever we make long trips, especially when the goal is to stay in the country for a good season, we will have to sit down and be aware of the savings we will need to start our adventure.

It is no secret that living in Canada is not cheap , but if your visa allows it, you can work by receiving a salary according to the Canadian standard of living.

As in all countries, the cost of living in Canada varies widely between rural areas and large cities. Toronto is the most expensive city, living there can be 20% more expensive than doing it in another big city such as Montreal .

Your expenses will depend on the city in which you live and how you manage your domestic economy, but keep in mind that, in general, Canada is an expensive country. So we recommend that you organize very well with your budget, especially if your visa does not allow you to work.

If you opt for an English course, unfortunately, the Canadian government will not allow you to work. However, if you decide to take a higher education course you can work 20 hours a week and 40 during school holidays.

To calculate the cost of living in Canada for students, you will have to include accommodation, transportation, food, English course fees of your choice and, of course , leisure.


How much does food cost in Canada

Another of the essential expenses that you must take into account to calculate how much it costs to live in Canada is the shopping cart. The truth is that for the Canadian standard of living,  the cost of food in Canada is not extremely expensive.

If you choose to make a normal purchase, without exceeding the purchase of the most expensive foods, you can spend an average of between 200 and 300 dollars a month .

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If you want to buy quality products at a good price, we recommend the farmer markets . In them you will find fresh seasonal products from local farmers.

We also recommend that you keep an eye on the offers of supermarket chains such as Costco . In them you will find products at a very good price and products with high discounts.

Some examples of prices are:

  • A kilo of bread:  2.79 C $
  • Milk:  2 C $
  • Eggs: 3.50 C $
  • One kilo of potatoes:  C $ 2.50
  • A kilo of tomatoes:  C $ 4
  • One kilo of Steak:  C $ 17.51
  • One kilo of Chicken: 7.07 C $
  • 500 grams of macaroni: 1.43 C $
  • 2.5kg of Flour: C $ 4.59
  • A kilo of apples:  C $ 4.53
  • One kilo of bananas: 1.61 C $
  • One kilo of onions: 1.92 C $
  • One liter of tomato sauce: C $ 3.50
  • 300 thousand shampoos: C $ 4.20
  • Toothpaste: 2.78 C $


How much does it cost to party in Canada

In Canada you will find many ways to have fun, especially if you go to cities with a great cultural offer. The average price of a movie ticket is C $ 13 and theater prices range from C $ 20 to C $ 100, depending on the show.

If you’re looking to party, we recommend you take advantage of happy hours . If normally a beer in any Canadian bar is around 10 C $ on average, during  happy hours they fall to less than half its price.

The party in Canada ends quite early compared to Spain and Latin American countries. At most, at three in the morning all the bars close. So you can also choose to ride the party at home, a good option to not spend so much.

Keep in mind that if you want to buy alcohol you should go to a liquore store , since supermarkets do not sell alcoholic beverages.

In addition, both to buy alcohol and to enter any nightclub, always remember to carry your documentation on it, since they will ask for it even if the required age appears.

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Some examples of prices:

  • A pack of tobacco:  C $ 11
  • A bottle of wine: C $ 15
  • A beer:  C $ 10
  • Entrance to a disco:  C $ 10


Other expenses to know how much it costs to live in Canada

In addition to the main expenses we have mentioned above, we leave you information about others that you should also consider:

  • Go to the cinema:  C $ 13
  • Take a taxi: C $ 3.75
  • A liter of gasoline: 1.24 C $
  • One month in a gym: C $ 48.18
  • A coffee:  C $ 4
  • One Cocacola : 2.13 C $
  • Meal for two people: C 65
  • 0.33l water bottle: 1.76 C $
  • Monthly public transport pass: C $ 95
  • Internet:  72 C $
  • 1 minute mobile prepaid rate:   $ 0.33
  • 1 pair of jeans : C $ 62.14
  • A dress: $ 43.78

In the vast majority of Canadian cities the cost of living in Canada for students is around 1,100 C $ per month , but obviously everything will depend on how you get organized with your budget.

Finally, we recommend that before launching yourself to the adventure, you organize your trip very well and gather at least C $ 5,000 so you have a few weeks to settle in the city with peace of mind.

How much does accommodation in Canada cost

From our point of view, the best form of accommodation for your first days in Canada will be a hostel or backpakers . You can meet people who are in your same situation and establish your first friendship in the country.

In addition, staying one or two weeks in a hostel will give you the possibility to explore the city carefully so you can choose with ease the neighborhood in which to settle.

Without a doubt, the cheapest option for any traveler is to share a flat with other international students. The rent of the rooms in the center of the cities is usually between 600 and 900 Canadian dollars a month, but remember that prices vary depending on the city you choose and how far you are from the center.

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