Find The Job Of Your Dreams In The New Job Market – Best Strategies That Will Help You


Did you know that the traditional job market only covers around 30% of all available jobs? Some experts claim that this traditional job market does not include more than 10% of available jobs. So where are the other jobs available?
The unpublished job market, also known as the hidden job market, covers about 70% of all jobs available in the market. But there is more; 80% of six-digit positions are filled in this unpublished job market. Because of its importance, it should be part of your general job search.

1. Provide a list of companies that interest you.

Why is it important to take the time to investigate companies? Because when you apply for a job that you meet, you are wasting your time, and energy, although you may feel like you have accomplished something by sending a lot of resumes.
The time you spend in advance looking for companies that interest you will benefit you in the long run because you will not devote time and energy to companies that are not suitable for your professional project. Instead, apply for jobs at companies in your preferred region and where you want to work.

2. The informative interview

The informative interview is one of the most effective tools for exploiting the unpublished job market. In-kind interview you interview a person from the company or area of ​​interest to gather information on the working environment, job offers, work ethics and other useful information and to obtain comments and advice on how to improve your chances of landing the job you’re in are missing. In addition to the fact that you’ll expand your network of contacts in your target business or area.

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3. Your network as a source of information and references

Professional networking should be included in your daily work and your career-related efforts when looking for the next job. Your career network must be available at the time been needed, for a relationship business, job hunting, and to go through the career scale. Because you might know when it will be needed, it is ideal to have an active career network, even if you don’t need it right away.

4. Contact employers directly

Sometimes you contact a potential employer directly, in addition to or instead of asking for an interesting post on their website. Or maybe you didn’t find a position of interest among the ones posted, and you want to contact the company to let yourself known for when the right time comes.

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