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Exploring Austrailia – disover best 10 things to do in Samoa


1. Idleness on the beach of Lalomanu
It is easy to see why Lalomanu Beach on Upolu is a favourite of tourists and locals alike. Brightly coloured parties and palm trees line the coast of this idyllic spot, where you can sunbathe, play cricket on the beach and cool off in the azure ocean. Divers and divers are impatient as the surrounding lagoon is a protected marine reserve and home to a range of tropical marine life. It’s a tough place to leave, so why not live like a local and spend a night in an open-air breakdown – the gentle waves of the waves will put you to sleep.

2. Admire Alophaaga’s blowholes
Larger and less populated than the continent of Upolu, the island of Savai’i is home to some of the best natural attractions in Samoa. A ferry between the two islands runs two to three times a day and takes a few hours to reach the destination. There is a lot to see and do in Savai’i, but number one is to see the Alofaaga blowholes on the southwest coast. Each swell produces an immense exhibition of vertical fountains.
Refresh yourself under the Afu Aau waterfall

3. While the white sand and azure lagoons are still attractive, the beaches are not the only natural attraction to explore in Samoa. After visiting the Alofaaga blow holes of Savai’i, head to the magnificent Afu Aau waterfall. Surrounded by lush tropical forest, this is the perfect place to escape the tropical heat of Samoa. Immerse yourself in the crystal clear swimming pool and cool off under the waterfall.

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4. Swim in the Su Sua ocean trench
One of Upolu’s most unforgettable attractions was created when the earth moved away after an ancient lava eruption. While the eruption created two deep holes, only the To Sua ocean trench is connected to the ocean by an underwater cave. The ultramarine swimming hole is accessible via a steep ladder – the descent can be a little scary, but it leads to an unforgettable swim in this unique place. Once you’ve climbed back up, explore the surrounding tropical gardens.

5. Taste the local cuisine
It’s not a real Samoan getaway if you don’t indulge in the delicious local dishes on offer, especially seafood. Be sure to try the oka, a dish of raw Samoan fish marinated in citrus and milk. coconut. Also try the Palusami, a tastier dish of young taro leaves and coconut milk that is traditionally cooked in an umu oven.

6. Surf the best waves of Samoa
A paradise for surfers awaits you outside the turquoise lagoons of Samoa. Rookies beware: Samoan surfing is for experienced riders because most waves break on reefs and currents can be dangerous. You will find many surfable breaks on Savai’i and Upolu. To get the most out of the Samoan waves, it’s best to hire a local surf guide who will take you and your board where you want to be.
Discover Fa’a Samoa

7. The tradition lives and flourishes in Samoa and visitors will often be invited to participate in Fa’a Samoa – the Samoan way. Immerse yourself in the local culture by taking a trip to the Samoan cultural village in Apia on the island of Upolu to discover what life is like in a local village. Watch the village men prepare an umu, make fresh coconut milk with their bare hands, and prepare traditional Samoan dishes, including taro and palusami. You can also see how traditional arts and crafts, such as sculpture and fabric making, are still important to the daily life of the Samoans.

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8. Dive into exciting dives
Whether you are new to diving or have years of experience under the diving belt, an underwater world is waiting to be discovered in Samoa. Upolo and Savai’i are home to pristine dive sites, including several marine reserves. Snorkelling is also one of the best things to do, many of Samoa’s favourite beaches are equipped with coral and rainbow fish. With a bit of luck, you may also spot an endangered green turtle.

9. Be part of a Fiafia party
Celebration, song and dance are deeply rooted in Fa’a Samoa, so be sure to find a Fiafia evening – this is without a doubt one of the best things to do in Samoa. Most stations hold their own Fiafia evenings once or twice a week, where local villagers go out to share songs and dance with their guests while traditional dishes are served.

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