Discover Top 5 Most Powerful Rivers in the World


When you think of a river, the last thing you think about is probably the strength of the water. You are probably thinking of calm running water flowing over the stones at the bottom of the river. Whatever you think, it’s not the power of the river.
5. Brahmaputra River
The Brahmaputra River is located in Bahaduradbad, Bangladesh. It begins in southwest Tibet, passing through the Himalayas, the Assam Valley, and then through Bangladesh. The Brahmaputra is around 1,800 miles long and is mainly used for transportation and irrigation. While most of this river is navigable, some parts are prone to catastrophic flooding in the spring once the Himalayan snow melts. This river is also one of the few known to have erosion due to the tides. This means that the incoming tides form waves that go upstream against the river. This is what researchers call a real tidal wave. This makes the Brahmaputra much stronger.
4. Yangtze River
The Yangtze River is the longest in Asia and also in China. It is the third-largest in the world. The river stretches for approximately 3,964 miles and crosses the East China Sea at Shanghai. The Yangtze is known for its flooding and its dams built to prevent water from flowing beyond the banks of the river have proven to be useless. Researchers have realized that the river experiences three different types of flooding and that the tides are, during certain seasons, far too strong to prevent water from flooding. Many use the river for electricity and water, but often, if not always, they must live in fear of flooding their cities.
3. Orinoco River
The Orinoco River is one of the longest in South America. It is the third-longest in South America. The river is 1,330 miles long and crosses Colombia and Venezuela. It starts at Delgado Chalbaud mountain. As soon as the river crosses wooded terrain and waterfalls, it slows down. However, the falls become rapids which have proven to be extremely difficult to navigate, even if the river is downstream during this period. Finally, the river plunges into the Atlantic Ocean. The river also experiences coastal upwelling all year round, which often poses a threat to those living near the river.
2. Congo River
You may know the Congo River as Zaire. Whatever name you know, this river is the largest in West and Central Africa. With 2,922 miles, the Congo is the second-longest river in Africa. This river is also the most powerful in Africa. Although the Congo begins as a peaceful river, especially near Lake Tanganyika, it eventually begins to widen and also increases at this time. Finally, the water flows through the “gates of hell”, a 75-mile gorge with insurmountable rapids. In Haut-Congo, the river ends but has 96 km of rapids which make it dangerous and powerful.
1. Amazon River
Amazon is the largest river in the world when you look at its volume. It is located in South America and because it is so large that it can account for at least 1/5 of the total flow of the river in the world. This river is so powerful and so large that there is no point along the river that can be crossed by a bridge. The river has an extremely powerful outlet at the mouth which can supply up to eight trillion litres of water per day. The river is about 150 feet deep, so if you are thinking of swimming in the Amazon, think again!

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