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Comprehensive guide on How to Migrate to Canada From Australia as a tourists


CFor an Australian to pack up his luggage and become an immigrant to Canada, this might seem easy to do. The two countries have a common language, they have similar economic structures and government models, and they have the same ethnic composition of the population. Every state has tickets representing the Queen. However, the issue of immigration is not as simple as it seems. It is essential for an Australian citizen who intends to immigrate to Canada to know that obtaining Canadian citizenship is complicated and that there are significant differences between the two countries.

Similarities and differences

An Australian citizen should only accept immigration from Australia to Canada if he has confidence in the reasons for planning his life in the cold part of the north of the world. While there are similarities between Australia and Canada, there are also several significant differences. The dominant culture in both countries is Judaism and Christianity, while the economies are capitalist and politics are more liberal. This means that citizens have the right to education and health care, but they still have to find work on their own and may not be able to use government facilities on public holidays.


Most states in Australia have some autonomy, which you may not find in Canada’s provinces. Consequently, an area like Quebec has a large deficit and is dependent on taxes from the rest of the country, unlike a province like British Columbia.

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Australia and Canada have their national parks, their highway networks and their own domestic TV broadcast services. However, the main difference lies in the land itself, where Canada has frigid winters and high rainfall.

Economic conditions

Although the economies of the two countries are somewhat stiff, Canada only accepts foreigners like Australians if they meet the specific labour requirements of the workforce. This is where students have an advantage and can easily integrate into educational institutions that Canada provides.

The students

Many Canadian universities with a higher educational level accept international students to increase their global perspective and diversity. This allowed students to live in Canada with reduced fees and other fees. However, there is a lot of competition for jobs available, so only students who have performed well in Australia are eligible to enrol in a Canadian university. Exchange programs provide students with an opportunity to study in both countries.

Temporary job

Several Canadian industries are on the way to expansion and have labour needs that cannot be easily met from the local market. Thus, an Australian can quickly obtain a work permit. There is a strange anomaly here because the unemployment rate in Canada is higher than in Australia, but it is more because of the economic differences between the different provinces.

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Immigration as an investor

If you are willing to extend credit, your business will be very welcome in Canada. Companies worldwide were attracted to Canada due to the oil boom in Alberta. These investors can cross the migration path, as they must be present for more extended periods and purely commercial reasons.

Be an entrepreneur in Canada.

The Canadian dollar is continually improving, and this may be one of the reasons why Australian business people find high profits to invest in Canada and to be in touch with the country through business interests. They are looking to enter Canadian cities while Australian companies can settle somewhat quickly in Canada due to the close ties between countries through foreign affairs.

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