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Check out how to Obtain a TN Visa – US Work Visas


The TN NAFTA visa grants non-immigrant status to eligible Canadian and Mexican citizens who wish to obtain legal employment in the United States. Since it is a simple and relatively inexpensive process, the TN visa is the preferred US business visa for Canadians and Mexicans.

TN NAFTA visa requirements

Your NAFTA visa application will be submitted in person and processed directly at the port of entry or at the United States border. These documents are mandatory:

Proof of Canadian citizenship

• A letter from your employer in the United States detailing your business

Professional credentials to support your business case

Although the requirements seem fairly benign, your application should make it sufficiently clear that you have a pre-established job with an employer in the United States. Your target career must also be eligible for a TN file, and the position you intend to occupy also requires a NAFTA professional.

Qualified professions

The TN case is a branch of the North American Free Trade Agreement, which establishes special economic and trade relations between Canada, the United States and Mexico. Part of that is opening up job opportunities to major careers in the United States through the classification of TN NAFTA visas. Among the eligible professions:

Medicine and related health

General professions such as accounting, architecture, etc.

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  • Teachers
  • Scientists
  • Non-immigrant status

The key to your TN visa approval is to demonstrate that you do not intend to stay in the United States permanently. You must show proof of maintaining ties with Canada and the desire to return to the end of your TN visa application. Often, many people do not anticipate this requirement and their requests are rejected.

Renewal of the TN visa and the green card

The initial TN NAFTA visa authorizes legal residence for one to three years in the United States, but it can be renewed as long as you have to work in the United States. The renewal process takes place at TN visa service centres and may require additional paperwork.

Even if the immigration intention is not authorized, obtaining a green card is a possibility for TN visa holders. The process is often very precise and can cause a lot of pressure if not done correctly.

Should You Apply For Legal Aid?

Yes, it is highly recommended that you consult an experienced immigration lawyer to apply your TN request. An immigration lawyer should be able to assess your health, identify potential barriers, train you to deal with immigration officials, and help you prepare evidence to support your claim. . This is especially important if you think you have a complicated situation such as a previous refusal, relatives of an American citizen, a clear intention to immigrate and other obstacles.

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