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Canterbury Travel Guide: Examine Things to See & Do in Canterbury


England is one of the most popular tourist destinations throughout Europe. One of the main reasons for this amazing popularity is the impressive list of upscale sights and wonderful cities, which often have a long history, which can be found throughout the country. The history of England is very busy and has had an impact on almost all of us as simultaneously many countries of the world as part of the British Empire. As the British Empire expanded, countless missionaries spread the Christian faith. Christianity formed the United Kingdom and one site that played a role in this city is the Canterbury Cathedral.

Canterbury attractions

Canterbury is an ancient settlement in Kent located along the banks of the River Stour. This picturesque city is the ecclesiastical capital of the country and it has been for many years. Because of this, the city has a large number of incredibly important church structures, the largest of which is the Canterbury Cathedral.

The cathedral is famous for killing Beckett, but the temple was founded in the last years of the sixth century and has a long and eventful history. After the death of Thomas Becket it was said that many miracles occurred and a shrine was built which soon became a place of pilgrimage. Unfortunately, you cannot visit the shrine where King Henry VIII was destroyed, but Canterbury Cathedral is still a place of pilgrimage for some.

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The city’s most visited museum is the Canterbury Tales. He recreates the pilgrimage through medieval paintings, during the Chaoser period. Jeffrey Chaucer wrote the incredible Canterbury tales of five journeys. Audio-visual aids are used to revive characters over the course of three-quarters of an hour.

The Canterbury Museum (formerly known as the Canterbury Heritage Museum) is a well-attended museum. This interesting museum is located in the old Port-Kahn Hospital and displays the city’s history. Using modern technology, as well as holograms, the museum depicts ages ranging from the Vikings to the Raid.

The Canterbury Roman Museum is a strange museum for the fact that it is underground. Using real excavation sites, this museum takes us back to the Roman era with interactive computers. This is your chance to display mosaics with your own eyes in a Roman house.

The city clearly has more tourist attractions, more simply than described here. Another city nightlife will take another article. Above I just discussed a bunch but I hope this has created magic with the city and you might even consider spending time there soon.

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