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Canada Permanent Resident – How To Get It


Do you want to become a permanent resident of Canada? You’re not alone. Over 200,000 people become permanent residents of Canada every year. Most applicants want a residence permit in order to ultimately obtain citizenship and a Canadian passport. There are many different Canadian immigration programs where a person can apply for permanent residency in Canada.

Once an application has been filed and approved, and a foreign citizen receives his permanent resident visa in Canada, he can immigrate to Canada and will have many of the same rights as Canadian citizens. Permanent residents of Canada have the right to health care, residency, and employment in any Canadian province, protection under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and applying for Canadian citizenship upon fulfillment of the requirements.

In fact, the only difference between a permanent resident of Canada and a citizen of Canada is the right to hold public office, join the army and vote. Becoming a permanent resident of Canada is a privilege that can be revoked if a person is convicted of a serious crime and as a result is deported.

Another way in which a permanent resident of Canada can lose his status is the failure to fulfill the obligation at the place of residence. A permanent resident of Canada must spend two years of every five-year period in Canada. If an official at the port of entry or the Canadian Visa Office is concerned that a permanent resident of Canada has not fulfilled his living obligations, he can count five years to make sure that the permanent resident of Canada has spent at least 730 days in Canada.

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In order to fulfill the residency obligation, a Canada permanent resident must have spent 730 days within the last five years doing one of the following:

• Residing and remaining in Canada

• Accompanying their Canadian citizen spouse abroad

• Working abroad for a Canadian company

If you’ve fulfilled all the above obligations you can proceed to applying for your permanent residency HERE.

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