Best remedying for loneliness in country you ain’t from


Being far from friends and family usually causes the homesickness to creep forward. The majority of those who move away from home suffer from it at some point. Although the homesickness is not very fun, it reminds us of what we care about. Here are my best tips for remedying, or even preventing it!

1. 24 hours of homesickness

Longing for home is a bit like being sad about a relationship that has ended. You need to be unhappy and eat ice cream right out of the box for a couple of days – but then you have to move on. Why not have a day that you focus on the homesickness so that you get it out of your system? Eat food and listen to music that reminds you of home, talk to your friends and think of everything that is good about Sweden. When it’s been 24 hours, you stop, get up, call your new friends and focus on the present and your new home.

2. Set up a schedule

My absolute best tip for making you feel at home in your new life is to get some routines. It can be anything from exercise to drinking tea on Sunday mornings. Schedule some activities and stick to the schedule – it gives you something to look forward to and will help you feel at home.

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3. Find a safe place

Finding a favorite place is as important as it is to find routines – a place where you feel safe and at home. It can be anything from a park bench with beautiful views to a cafe with comfortable sofas. Soon you will recognize the people who are resting their dogs and the barist will remember your order.

4. Avoid boredom

A big reason you get homesick is boredom – the more time you have to think about your family and friends back home, the more you want home! Make sure you stay busy exercising, volunteering or signing up for fun activities. Keeping yourself busy is also a great way to meet new friends and get to know the local culture.

5. Select social media

Keeping in touch has never been easier. If there is only wifi, you can text, call or video call anytime, anywhere. The disadvantage is that it can be difficult not to focus on what is happening at home. Opting out of social media can therefore be a good idea as it will be easier to focus on the experience. Experiencing something new was one of the reasons why you went, right?

6. Meet new people

The more you know, the easier it is to keep yourself busy and have fun. Meeting new friends is usually easier if you attend lessons or travel in groups. Stepping into a room where you do not know anyone can be daunting, but dare to go outside your comfort zone!

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7. Take (lots of) photos

Taking photos is a great way to explore your new surroundings. When you get to know your new environment, you will feel more at home. Another plus is that you will appreciate your new city and be reminded why you chose to go there.

8. Make friends and family greet

This is not the cheapest solution to the homesickness, but sometimes it can help to visit friends or family. When you show them around you will see how excited they are about your new city and all it has to offer. This will probably get rid of you and remind you how happy you are to be there!

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