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5 Quick Reasons Why You Should Plan a Trip to Moscow This Summer


Russian summer begins in June and it’s a great time to travel to Moscow and St. Petersburg! These two important places make a trip to Russia interesting! Recently it has become easier to travel to Russia. And here’s why !!!

1) The visa processing time is 3 to 4 working days

Many travel sources have stated that they must have enough time on hand before travelling to Russia. Several visits to a Russian visa centre may be necessary to get it right. Not anymore! The visa process has been simplified! Basic documentation such as pre-booking a hotel and obtaining a travel voucher (invitation letter) from the hotel is required. Hotels process these vouchers fairly quickly.

When booking a hotel, read the fine print on the price you pay to issue a tourist voucher. Vouchers for hotels and hostels are registered with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and can issue these vouchers in one day. Write directly to the hotel, even if you book a hotel through one of the travel portals, it is the fastest way to connect and track.

2) Falling rubles

The Russian ruble currency is constantly weakening due to economic sanctions imposed by the West, making it one of the least economically successful countries. It worked for the benefit of tourists; it has become cheaper to explore Moscow and St. Petersburg without putting a hole in your pocket. Even the cost of visas and entrance fees to various attractions seems to be lower than before. This offers the possibility of packing as many attractions as possible, without keeping an eye on the costs.

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3) Recession in Russia

The fall in oil prices and the weakening of the ruble plunged the economy into a downward trend. Due to a general recession, hotel and apartment prices have dropped. This is always good news for travellers! Instead of a backpacking excursion, one can opt for a decent accommodation in the centre of Moscow, which makes it comfortable and easier to move.

4) Purchase of European travellers:

Foreign ministries in several countries have issued official warnings to prevent them from travelling to and around conflict zones in Russia due to the deterioration of political relations during the Ukraine crisis. As a result, the number of Western European tourists coming to Russia has decreased, resulting in fewer tourists queuing for sightseeing during the high season!

5) Europe becomes expensive

With the euro gaining momentum, travel to many European cities has become expensive. Instead of Europe, it makes sense to go to Russia this summer! This is particularly useful for tourists from developing countries who find it difficult to cope with higher conversion rates to euros. It is cheaper to buy rubles than euros with rubies or baths.

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